Exporting Dates get changed

Hi all,
I have created a script that will export the information from the revision clouds in my model to Excel. Still some tweaking to do but generally it works well.
What i am finding though is that we are getting some mixed results when exporting the dates. Some work as expected and some will reverse the day and month.
In Aus we show the date as dd/mm/yyyy however when i look through my excel file I see some like that, but others as mm/dd/yyyy.

The odd thing is, in the watch dialogue in Dynamo, the date is correct (as expected) but not once it is exported, again, it is only some of them, not all.

I am wondering if this is more an Excel file issue and not a Dynamo issue. Has anyone else had issues with dates being exported not formatting correctly?
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if doesn’t matter to you, on Excel make the Cell format as a General or Text

hmmm, It shouldn’t matter too much and I will try it.
Have you had this issue before?