Revit to excel-excel to revit


this is my first dalliance with dynamo. I have created a visual script which works for 70% of it’s intended application. My problem lies with the fact that I can not get the data to transfer across for the comments and department section (these fields are populated by numbers). I have amended the format of the cells to be text but to no avail. I changed the position of the columns which altered the value but only to an alternate interger.

I’ve attached the dynamo script and a screenshot of the issue.

20150301_export to excel_refined

1520_revit to excel














There is also an error which states:

The parameter’s storage type is not a string.

Element.SetParameterByName operation failed.


This value is transferring across correctly but I feel that it may be the cause of the issue.

You can use ‘string from object’ to convert whatever it is coming in as, into a string. This should solve the problem.


Did you resolve this issue? I’m having the same issue with a Revit-Excel-Revit script. Some instances of the script works and then others don’t. It seems to be an issue with the cell format in Excel. When Dynamo creates the Excel all the cells are formatted as ‘General’, no idea if this classes as a String, my guess is not as it doesn’t work.

If I then convert these cells to ‘Text’ I have to delete the contents of the cell, re-type and then save and run the script in order for it to work (sometimes). It seems to be very hit and miss and i’m not sure what is causing that.

See the script, looks a bit untidy as I’ve condensed to fit all in one screenshot.

It dep nods on which data types you are trying to set.

In your case, you are attempting to set categories, family types, and phases. These are probably not string based parameters.

A good example of this is scope boxes in views.
I believe if you query a views scope box, it will either return text, or the scope box itself.
If you try to apply a scope box with the name (string) you will get an error.

So, what’s the solution? I don’t know.
You need to find a way to translate the string to the Revit object type you are trying to modify.
It could turn into a good learning experience, or an exercise in either patience or madness…depending on your rate of failure or success.

What you could also do, which is not what you really want to do, is write the ‘should’ values into the elements, and modify them through a schedule. At least if all else fails you have a partial solution which nets you the desired result and a relatively low level of effort.

If you want a full Dynamo solution, we’ll have to take a peek under the hood, and see what types of information you’re processing, and how your data is structured.