Has anyone tried to query all model elements and create an outline spec / master spec sheet?


I’m wondering if there’s a way to query all revit elements to create an outline spec or master spec. Whether the the data is sent to Excel or a sheet?

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do mean something like a content library?

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Yep, get your data in appropriate fields and elements then element.getparametervaluebyname and excel.export is all you need. Step 1 is where most people fail. The forums can help with step 2 if you’ve got step 1 sorted.

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This would be a handy tool to have and would be fairly easy to setup as Gavin noted. Lots of front end work though and then you have to make sure it stays updated.

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I’m fairly new to Dynamo, could you just elaborate? I’m thinking i’ll query all elements and create a schedule sorted by floors, walls, doors, ect but only by the first unique instance of each element. Is this the right idea?

Not necessarily, I’m in Canada and we use outline spec’s to list all the elements that will be present in construction. So usually it’s the type of floor, the finish of the floor, stuff like that.

It depends on how you have stored your data and if it’s the same fields for all element types. Maybe show some examples of your data structure and we can give more specific advice.

Generally I’d target specific categories using separate scripts as they often use different data sets e.g. walls versus furniture items. I’d expect most data is type based for specs so yes you’d generally target these versus instances.

Clockwork package has nodes to collect family types by category, and some other categories occur as element types in Dynamo (e.g. walls are the element type of WallType).

It will probably be easier to sort & filter that data using multiple Revit schedules than by writing it into Dynamo.

Then use Dynamo to just get all the schedule data and export the values to excel.

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