Export Revit Family Data to Excel with Data-Shapes UI

Hi Everyone,

I recently went through this YouTube tutorial by @GavinCrump for exporting from Revit to Excel for adding family data, but I got stuck about 25 minutes in. When I test the script, only the first 4 parameters show up and the script seems to run twice each time I test it.

Gavin, if you can see where I went wrong here, I’d be grateful for your help!

Here’s the (incomplete) script: SJ_BatchAddSharedParameters.dyn (17.6 KB)

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It looks like you’re getting a lot of list inputs there. Make sure your data structure heading into the inputs for ListView is flat, this way it just generates one button in the UI.

Sometimes when running UI’s from the Dynamo environment (not Player), UI’s may pop up a few times, particularly when cancelled in my experience. All final tests should be run in Dynamo Player for intended behavior.

My original script is available on my github here for reference;


I thought I’d build the script rather than just take your work. Thanks for offering them up though!

Your original script exports once as intended, but it still doesn’t work for gathering all the parameters. Could it be that I’m trying to find and export too many parameters for the data-shape node to handle? I’m trying to preload a bunch of families with COBie data, that’s why I have so many parameters in the family. I’ll be trying to export all the families’ COBie parameters, so I hope I’m not already asking too much of Dynamo.

This is what I got when I ran your version:

Mine seems to be struggling to transpose the list, but it does export them all:

Both versions stop exporting data after the second column.

The problem is you are giving data shapes 84 list view inputs. You need to ensure these lists enter the listview node flat (use the flatten node). Ideally you should only have 1 listview button.

No problems RE using my script - more a means of comparison/testing.