Problem exporting an Excel

Hello everyone,

i stumbled across an problem i can’t wrap my head around.
I am trying to check different parameters of linked models, all information are supposed to be written to an excel file. So far so good.

The problem is, that it doesn’t work with every linked model (The exported list is empty). When i change the linked model it works just fine.

Any Ideas how i can fix that?


Um… I could guess?! It would be more reliable to see a test .Rvt though… My guess is that the Link is set to Overlay rather than Attachment… Total shot in the dark though!

Hope that helps,


What is the type of those informations, those you get from linked file? Can you try String from Object to pass them as string?
Alternatively, you can try Bumblebee Package to export.

Thank you for your replies.
Unfortunate i just got a different task with an higher priority.

I hope i can check your input next week

I wasn’t able to test your solutions yet.
But i think i randomly found the solution myself, while working on a different problem.

there are some really long id codes, which i tried to export, by excluding them it started working again.
Is there a maximum cell length you can export via the ootb export node?