Exporting CSV point data


When we use the export csv node, the point description goes like is displayed at the Watch node.

Is there a way to drop the text part Point (X= etc and export only the values?

Use the Point.X node.
List.Create and Transpose.

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Thanks! But I guess I’m missing something here… The values aren’t at the same line, separated by a comma

Unless this is for specific formatting I would recommend using @Marcel_Rijsmus 's approach since the deconstructed data can be easily worked on.

Am I understanding correctly that the exact output you want in the csv cell is “X = 10.000, Y = 20.000, Z = 5.00”?

If that’s the case, convert the point object to a string and remove the leading and ending characters that you don’t want.

Yes, the intent here is to remove all the text prefix and retrieve only the numerical data. And for this purpose it can remain all at the same line, separated by comma.

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This should work. Optional headers as well, but if you don’t need them just leave out the additemtofront step.

test.dyn (17.3 KB)