Export Points to Excel

I try to export a serie of Points to Excel where the X, Y and Z as seperate columns are exported. I found some examples here but I do not get the desired result:

As far as I can understand I need to create a list of the seperate values (X, Y and Z), transpose that list and then Excel would write it in columns. Not in my case, I only get the results of the last list (Z) in Excel, also not transposed.

What is wrong?

If I were you, I would do like that:

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do you really need @L7 ? Looks like overkill :smiley:
Add flatten node between points.X and list create.

Yes! Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s my 4th day playing with Dynamo so I am not an expert at all. The nodes are not very descriptive. I think I understand my problem now.

That’s a clever workaround but I like Tomasz_Puchala’s solution better :slight_smile: