XYZ values to file

Hello - I’m having trouble exporting the XYZ values to .csv/.txt

Not sure why I can’t get the date in a .csv (or .txt), as the written files are blank.

In order to evaluate the working flow, I created a simple surface and I want to extract the XYZ values for the points based on the UV grid (with variable density).

Attached the screen captures.XYZ_to_file_1

Help/suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Never mind my initial post - I figured it out - I had to add a “list” - now it is working.

In version 0.6.3, XYZ’s have components that have units. The Excel export node did not have units implemented, but it will work for plain numbers. You could also pass your data through a Formula node with just “x” written inside, which will strip off the units information. (It’s much more straight-forward in the newest version

@Colin - thanks! I just downloaded and installed latest 0.7.1 and I’ll explore the workflow to extract the XYZ values by redoing it in the new release.