Exporting any given mesh with it's area as the meshes name

Hello everyone, I am working with Revit models and bringing them into 3dmax. I have been speaking with a guy in our team to investigate this further but I thought it might be worth asking here as well in the mean time for an answer.

What I basically want is the Area of a 3D model, (or any bit of information really) and then this information is saved as the mesh name. so far our guy has managed to export “rooms” as a volume mesh which is great! the only problem is that currently the name assigned to the mesh is not linked to anything in side revit.

so my quesiton is how can I get revit / Dynamo to assign this information to mesh on export? is it possible? I know you can export the information as an excel sheet, but i need this info assigned to the mesh directly.

thanks for your time.

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@THINKTANK72 Try exporting a Direct Shape to FBX and import into 3DS Max

Thank you Vikram, but how will this work when i have hundreds of “rooms”? I am currently drawing my info from all elements of the room categories, I am then splitting it into fields of info I will need such as Name, Area & department. how can i get these names (with the correct info) attached to each mesh name?