Export areas boundaries to separate Autocad layers


Hello everyone,

I have a project that contains more than 350 units and for some municipality regulations to issue deeds.

I want to export areas polyline from Revit to AutoCAD and each polyline need to have its own layer named

with a certain way as per their regulations

Is there a way to do that through Revit and dynamo… I tried but couldn’t do it

Hope anyone can help or point me to the right direction

Thanks a lot


Please send what you tried, it will make easier to give the appropriate answer


I believe that his is possible, at least part of the way, with the big massive exception that it’s level of success depends on how well your data is managed now.

Room.Boundaries is a likely start point, but without knowing more I’m not really comfortable throwing more than that out there as it would be as likely to derail your effort as it would to get you on track.

As @Yna_Db stated, show us what you have, and where you got stuck, and we can help you get on track.



Thanks for the fast reply room boundaries or getting the area and arranging it is not the issue within dynamo

The issue is i can’t find any functionality or nodes in dynamo to create AutoCAD layers so i can assign them to the boundaries before exporting to AutoCAD as dwf instead of creating 300 layers or more in AutoCAD and assign each layer to the area boundary manually


I believe it would be possible, but I would need first to see some details shared about your workflow, so that everyone can learn something from this :slight_smile:


Ok sure, will do


Ok here what i did so far i got the room boundaries for a selected level and certain rooms

and extracted the room boundaries as curves displayed within the Dynamo, but i can’t find any way to export it to AutoCAD , or create a new layer with specified name to each boundary

So i exported in to Rhino and from Rhino to AutoCAD, still trying to find out about the layers part or export to autoCAD from dynamo

I will try to figure out create the layers part in rhino using grasshopper…

Any advice about how to do that in dynamo, sorry i’m still new and learning


See this conversation :slightly_smiling_face:

Export Parameter Values as DWG Layers

Hey thanks for the help i tried it but unfortunately it gives me null don’t know where is the issue

Please advice…


Try first to change the lacing. Your 2 lists (curves and layers) need also to match perfectly.
Edit: Autocad needs to be launched with a blank file opened. You could also need additional nodes such as Curve.ApproximateWithArcAndLineSegments and PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves to make your curves fit to the required format.


Thanks, i only needed to open a blank autocad file, but unfortunately in autocad they are supposed to be 27 poly-lines but its exploded as 514 lines i also tried the 2 additional nodes but with same result


I am not sure Dynamo could generate Autocad polylines. You will perhaps need to recreate them with the BPOLY or PEDIT command. See this page for instance:
Please let us know if something works for you…


I only tried join command on all the lines in AutoCAD and it worked out converted to poly-line

I also tried it in Rhino, grasshopper and it was exported to AutoCAD as polylines

Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it


Filled regions are exported as a single entity which can be used to automatically generate a polyline. Not sure if the prior setup could be used to allow that though.


Something could possibly be done by placing each room / filled region on a separate view and exporting to CAD with View.ExportDWG from Chynamo, but this would result in separate files, I think…


Thanks for the help

You’re welcome, AFAIK, this topic and the related packages are not well documented here yet…