Export Visible in View System Parameter to Excel for Review from View Properties

I’m having an issue with exporting a list of views and design options settings to Excel. Is there any way to do this? I haven’t found a node that deals with the ‘Visible In Option’ system parameter… or a way to call it…

Am I missing something? I haven’t seen a way to schedule this in Revit with a view list or otherwise…

hi Emily,

the input for the node GetParameterValueByName is wrong, you should put there the elements

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Thank you! :smiley: Wicked helpful. I clearly need more coffee today :wink:

Hi @Emily_Dunne,

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I have a working script here now:

But the design option names are not coming through the way that they appear in Revit…

@Emily_Dunne Use LunchBox Get parameter node to get the values as names.

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Cool. I didn’t realize that was an option.

No problem :wink:

Have Fun :slight_smile: