Export type and Instance parameter to Excel

Hello All,

I am performing an exercise to export all the Parameters to excel.

Totally I have more than 110 parameters in Revit (Including shared parameters). When I am using Element.Parameters node. I see only 87 parameters. Can anyone pls tell me how to obtain all the parameters of an element and export it to Excel?

Hello @Manoj there you just get the type parameters for instance something here


Hi there

I want to ask you how can I select all the rebar project parameters ? I want to get all of the parameters for rebar and then export them into excel and modify them and then import all of them into revit.

Hi @Mehrdad.Ghanizadeh2R and welcome to the forum :wink: please create a new topic with that, and share all you have tried so far [image,dyn,rvt] and we can try help…