Export Parameters to Excell based on Given List

Hi All!
I’ve got a problem with exporting (and later importimg) parameters from revit to excell.
My object is to:

  1. Get the list of parameters from existing Excell file (headers)
  2. Get the parameter values from Revit elements
  3. Export to Revit and override a cells below the Headers (parameter names)
  4. Being able to modify Parameters as needed
  5. Later import Parameter values to revit objects
    But I’ve got a first stop between 1and2 - the list I export doesn’t correspond to GetParamValuesByName. Can You help why?

@Piotrek18 Well, for starters, no need to query the Wall for both its Family and its Type (items 5 and 6), they both will return the Wall’s WallType (note the watch node in the image below) :slight_smile:

For the rest of the parameters, some of the values you are trying to get belong to the instance element of the wall, and some are type parameter values that belong to the Wall Type. Try replacing the “GetParameterValueByName” node with the “GetParameterValueByNameTypeOrInstance” node which belongs to the Rhythm package. and see if that yields better results.

@awilliams Thanks for answer :slight_smile: . It works well for now
But can we somehow put the actual names of parameters: Function, Structural Material?
And can we put only short Level Name on list?

@Piotrek18 Glad that node got your data importing :slight_smile:

For your other issues, see this thread on obtaining the actual names for Wall Function:

A couple of posts down from this one, erfajo shares a Python code that would “translate” the numerical representation of the wall function enumeration to its name.

For getting the actual name of your Structural Material, you will need to plug in a Material.Name node and feed that back into your list. http://dictionary.dynamobim.com/#/Revit/Elements/Material/Query/Name

If I’m understanding this correctly you want to see only the Level’s name and not the Level element that is represented by its’ name and elevation. In this case, just as you will need to use a Material.Name node to get your Structural Material’s name, you will need to plug your Levels into a Level.Name node to obtain the Level’s name, and feed that back into your data. http://dictionary.dynamobim.com/#/Revit/Elements/Level/Query/Name

Thanks a lot both of You. I need some time to figure it out.