Excel Data.ImportExcel operation Failed

Anyone having Excel import trouble today? Computer ran windows updates 2 days ago and suddenly I cant import Excel. note that i also installed Autocad and Navisworks 2022 yesterday as well. This is Revit 2020 - Dynamo 2.3


Hi @Ben_Osborne

Have you update Revit 2020 to Revit 2020.2.3?


Similar issue have been discussed here:

Been on 2020.2.3 for a while.

I finally was able to fix the issue last night by doing a repair on the Office 365 install. Seems that either the Windows Update carried some Office updates or the .Net upgrade that came with install of 2022 Autocad/Navisworks messed things up just a little bit.


I had the exact same issue and it was only fixed by reinstalling Office 365. Doing a repair did not work.


I had this issue just start today for me as well after working no problem yesterday. I also just installed Navisworks 2022 today. Also was only fixed by reinstalling Office 365.

Thanks for posting. This is hugely helpful to hear this–so, something’s up with Navisworks 2022 installation it seems?


FYI @Michael_Kirschner2 @solamour
It seems like this has been happening pretty consistently to several users.


Yep we are facing the same issue. We are having to reinstall Office 365 every time there’s a windows update.

I will write for others from the future. I had the same error but in my case i needed to uninstall office 2007 and invest in office 365

@RobFern please this note from MS:
Starting third-party add-in causes "Access Denied" error - Office | Microsoft Docs.

Can confirm. Had same issue after installing navisworks 2022 and had to use external package to read excel.

This is very annoying , this happens due to the conflict with 32bit or 64 bit version of excel installed on your system.

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Thanks for this! I just ran the online repair, fingers crossed it resolves the issue going forward.

I ran the online repair and it caused the issue to occur again, so I’ve had to reinstall office again.

I’d like to chime in as one more person that is experiencing this issue after installing some 22 products recently. Reinstalling office appears to have fixed the issue for the time being.

FWIW - I had to do the repair again after Windows Update last week.

I was having the same issue. Shockingly, the repair option for office fixed it. In my experience, it is not usually that easy. But I’ll take it!

This issue was fixed with online repair on my personal laptop,But on my work laptop I have this issue, I couldn’t fix it.

Still happening to me after windows updates. Need to reinstall office 365 every time to resolve…

Had the same issue happening for me in Revit 2020. Located the linked solution on Autodesk forum

Import Excel Solution

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