Export schedules to TXT where names starts with "OR"

Hy! I have this dynamo code. How can I edit to export just schedules where the names start with “OR”…

Sorry the english… thanks!

Filter the schedules before sending them to the python node.

  1. Collect the schedules as you have.
  2. Get the name.
  3. String.StartsWith node.
  4. List.FilterByBoolMask where the schedules (#1) are the list and the bool is the result of the String.StartsWith node (#3).
  5. Use the IN output of the filter (#4) for your python node. Ignore the OUT output.

Hi! Thanks… but, I am learning now. I can’t understand the order and links correctly. Is there any image on the web?

Again, thank you very much!! :wink:

Hi! Almost there… Where is the mistake?

im guessing something wrong here

Press the yellow text baloon above the python script to see where it goes wrong

Glad it worked. Please mark a solution so others can learn with you.

No, see the watch: “Export failure”… almost there…

Don’t work yet. I am trying… I think the general order its wrong. I lost the columns’ values…

The image in post #7 you are inputting the names of the schedules into the list.filterbyboolmask, which means you are inputting strings into the python node, where it expects the view schedule elements.

The list input in the boolMask should come from the All Elements of type node :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for all tips and help. Now, worked correclty.

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