Export all Revit schedules to a single file



We are currently using this Dynamo file to export all Revit schedules as text files (.txt). Our goal is to export all Revit Schedules to a single text file, instead of one output txt file for each Revit schedule. Does anyone has some suggestion? Thanks in advance.


Without seeing the graph its hard to say. All you should need to go though is combined it all into one list and it should be fine. Can you post a screen picture of the data flowing to the .txt file?


Thanks for the answer Steven. To combine it into a single list is what i guess we have to do. The question is what´s the way to do it. I´ve tried list.join but i´m a noobie on Dynamo, and got no success…


List.join or list.create. A single text file will need a single string though so after that it’s ‘string.fromarray.


I got it with list.join. Thanks to yo all!


Excel write to file as a .txt?!?!?! This is a thing?!?!?


Yes, it does!