Export Room information including Key Schedule Parameter

Hello. I am currently working as a consultant for Interiors to another Architectural firm. We use a Room Style Key Schedule to auto-populate our Room Finish Schedule based on a collection of finishes. Since we are linking the architect of records model to get the rooms I cannot use the Room Style Key Schedule feature to fill out the rooms as they are not in my model. I could create all the same families and schedules to work with Spaces but I’d rather try to use Dynamo to make the workflow happen.

Here comes Dynamo! I have written an export to Excel graph but it keeps overwriting the same excel file cell with all the rooms. I have included the resulting Excel file.

After I get this working then I will create the import graph. The idea is that I can just send an Excel file to the Architect of record and he can import the data into his model. This will allow my tags to read the room data with the entries we have made.

Is there a setting or an additional node that I am missing?


Room Schedule:

Room Style Schedule:

Notice that the Transpose list doesn’t seem to be correct at the top. Further down the list transposes fine with the exception of the Null values for item #2

Export to Excel.xlsx (10.4 KB) Export to Excel2.dyn (30.1 KB)

Have you tried using Bimorph nodes?

No, I havent Kulkul. Is it a better option these days?