Export Revit Geometry to Rhino

Hi all,

I am attempting to export Revit geometry to Rhino (.3dm) using the Rhynamo nodes.
At present it seems that the script is running and writing the Rhino file (file name, object layer) but without any geometry. It is imperative that the file export has the object names from my custom parameter as is being extracted at the start of the script.

There are no errors so I am unsure as to what the issue is… hoping someone here can help.

See below script

Rhino Export.dyn (28.4 KB)

Have not worked with the Rhynamo Nodes before, but I would start exploring the top wire. You are feeding the elements straight into an input asking for Geometry without extracting the geometry from the element.

Yep I second that, I think you are missing an Element.Geometry node on the top wire.

Hi all,

I think you are missing some nodes that are giving the rhino geometry… (from rhynamo) something like this working, and you will have a rhino file with surfaces (not meshes)