IFC Batch Export - Efficiency

Just a quick question.

I need to batch-export many IFCs for a project, and I am just wondering if there is any advantage to doing it in dynamo? Would it be more resource efficient to export via dynamo, or is a batch exporter like prosheets the way to go?

I don’t have the 10-15 minutes to invest in testing…which often snowballs into over an hour, if not many hours.

Many thanks in advance!

IMO having a dedicated exporter is far better than a dynamo solution. I’m not saying dynamo cannot be a solution here, I have batch exporters written with Dynamo to export multiple file types which I happily run on most projects. But, dedicated exporters can fully leverage Revit API features in ways dynamo can’t, need little to no explanation and they also tend to come with many built-in features and proper UI.

That’s my 2 pence… But I’m sure some will disagree.