Objects created using Dynamo is not exported to IFC

Hi. When I export an IFC file from Revit 2017.2, the exported IFC file doesn’t show all the objects. These objects were created using Dynamo, and they are not getting exported to IFC file. However, these objects does get exported in NWC file. I have attached some screenshots to show which objects are not coming in the IFC file. I have also attached my Revit version number for your knowledge.

Revit file showing the objects properly - the complex geometry is not getting exported to IFC

You can download the Revit file and the screenshots of the issue from the link below:

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When we create the objects with Dynamo, these are not real Revit elements and thus will not get exported via IFC.

The best way to model the elements is to model with Revit tools if you are looking for exporting the elements in IFC.

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Still today there is no way around this problem.