Export Quantities of all modeled elements to Excel

Can we automate the extraction and export of quantities of selected elements or all elements to Excel?

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Yes we can. There are many example on this forum. You could search on forum search bar you will find many topics.

Hi Kulkul, thanks for the quick response. I did a quick search but couldnt find a way to export all elements, their parameters to excel. Could you please point me to a particular thread, if possible?

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Hi :slight_smile:

I think your question is too general. We don’t know anything about your project, what information you have access to, what you want to do with it, etc.
It like if you asked us : “Is it possible to build a building ?”. Yes, it is, but there is so much to tell about it that it would be impossible to help you.

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Hi Mllouze,

I have a structural model in Revit, with walls, beams, slabs, columns and other elements modeled. I would like to extract all quantities of all elements, along with parameters ( ex: column - height, size, volume, surface area ) to Excel.

I could upload a sample quantity takeoff, but as a new user, i cannot do so. Hope the above clarifies??


This is pretty straight forward you could collect all elements using categories and Allelementsofcategory node -> use GetParameter node to get the values -> additemsatfront node to add headers -> Transpose lists -> Export excel node to export data to excel. Have a look at this video:

Thanks Kulkul, Let me try this!

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