Export conceptual mass information to excel

Hi All,

This is my first time using Dynamo so bear with me if I am getting it all wrong, I have created a selection of four conceptual masses, there is some information I would like to get out to excel.

Family name

Family Type

Type parameter (height)

Gross floor Area

So far I have only managed to get one of these to export to excel (Gross Floor Area), I have tried loads of things but can not get the other information. Please can you help.


Hello Christopher Smeaton,

Can you please share your Revit file?

I think it should be doable.

Let me take a look at your file before providing any solution.



A few tips:

  1. The “All Elements of Category” will give you instances. From them you can extract any instance parameter.

  2. To get an instance’s family type, use “FamilyInstance.Symbol”. From it you can extract type parameters and the type name.

  3. To get a type’s family, use the node “FamilySymbol.Family”. This will provide both the family name and any family parameters.

  4. You can change the rows and columns order with a “List.Transpose” before writing to an excel file.



This is fantastic and works great thank you. The only thing I can not do is the ‘Code Block’ would you be able to send me the file so I can check it.

once again thank you.

Hello Christopher Smeaton,

For Code Block you just need to double click in canvas and start writing.

I have added file for you here… WriteDataToExcel_FromMass



thank you, I got the over write section to work using the Boolean



Capture code

this is the finished script, all I need to do now is figure how to bring the information back into Revit if I change it in the excel, the only things I will be changing is the height, and family names.