Export PropertySet+Property in multiple Sheets of Excel in Civil3D

Hi Guys

I am trying recently to export in civil3d generated propertyset as the sheetname and in each sheet should be the property of the given propertyset (watch image)

my biggest challenge is when i select 3 solids in civil3d they have different propertysets and some of them have the same like the other, so i want to sort the objects with the same propertysets in 1 list and the unique one in a new list, the script should be an automatisation of exporting propertysets in multiple sheets, for each sheet is a 1propertyset and it’s properties+ values, i have already started to write a script but i don’t know what to do check it in the attachement. the excel picture is the end result that i try to achieve.
MA_PropertySets nach ObjektTypen filtern_TestVinh.dyn (112.4 KB)
qs04_mit_pSets_Test.dwg (3.9 MB)

Thanks in Advance for any help.

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