Add many Property Sets to many objects in Civil 3D

Hi all,
do you think it is possible without python node to add more property sets to more 3D solids based on layer definition and Psets definition in excel? I attached dataset. Video with wrong result is here

AutoCAD_AddPropertySetByDefinition_01.dyn (72.0 KB) D4C3D_20201028_Pset_01.dwg (1.0 MB)
Psets.xlsx (8.1 KB)

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Hi all, now it works only for first list of PSET names and first list of solids. Do you think there is any elegant and simple solution how to iterate through lists in list of solids and PSET names? I added new dataset and pictures.

Psets.xlsx (8.1 KB)
AutoCAD_AddPropertySetByDefinition_03_b.dyn (44.4 KB)
D4C3D_20201028_Pset_02.dwg (1.1 MB)

I know this is not Dynamo for Revit but have a read here

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Perfect. I’ve done it. Thank you @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1. I had to use List.OfRepeatedItem twice, for list of solids and than for list of PSET names.

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I was very interested in this topic, could you share a screenshot or a script of how you did this? Thanks!

Hi Kirk,

here is screenshot. If you find better solution could you please let me know?