Import/Export excel property data to civil 3D objects- sample files


I am trying to import an excel sheet of property sets to civil 3d solid objects. I referred the video done by Paolo serra of autodesk, but cannot find the sample case files mentioned there. All links related to that seems expired. I am a beginner to dynamo, so can anyone please let know how to get those case files or a dynamo files (import and export property sets) which made for doing the task. @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1

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You can access the sample from dynamo starting page :

They will be stored in the following path (change the year and language for your installation) C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\C3D 20XX\Dynamo\samples\XXX\AutoCAD

Keep in mind that for the updating properties sample, you need a csv file and one of the columns in the csv need to be named “Handle”.

I’m not sure to what specific script Paolo made but you could follow some examples on the forum to do what you need to do. One example I keep on hand for importing info from excel is @mzjensen post here: Dynamo not pushing correct pipe data to Civil3D - #5 by mzjensen

For updating property sets I made a script for updating pset data for pipe network structures; for whatever reason I didn’t use the easier out-of-the-box node Object.UpdateProperty for updating the property set data.
01-Update Multiple PS Value from CSV file.dyn (148.8 KB)

Also, not sure how you are planning to match the solids to to the appropriate property set info but you could use the handle ID for each solid or perhaps the layer name for groups of solids or even limited to a manual selection of objects. Hope this helps!

Thank you very much Kirk!

I opened up the file you sent and seems like you have done a lot on that. I will need to go through it and understand. Yes I am going output CSV file with handle and headings of property sets which I already got dynamo file for that. Missing one is importing again after filling excel to update property sets with filled details.

Actually what Paolo made was a pretty simple one which a beginner like me also can understand. it is explained from 21.01 minute in this video.

some snips of that!



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Hi All! Thanks for replies. I was missing the dynamo libraries and re-installing civil 3D with latest update solved the issue. Now I got all the libraries as shown to me by @david_licona . And @KirkWM your direction is important to me for future development. Thank you


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Glad it all got sorted and happy to help. :+1:t2: