Civil3d Property sets with dynamo

Hello mates, I would like to know how to Export/import/ create/ change property sets of civil3d elements, specially solid property sets.
Is it possible to create them in excel, or other way and then bring them into civil 3d model, as we proceed in Revit?
Thank you

This is the 9th sample in the ‘samples’ folder which comes with Dynamo for Civil 3D.

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Thank you Jacob, I watched it, but this example is not as clear as I expected. Maybe some video tutorial can explain better how it works specially the .JSON file. I will follow investigating and hopefully in AU Autodesk might be some contribution according to some real road problem.
If you have some example or description it would be great to share!
Thank you very much
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Have a look here


Hi @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1,
is it possible to change the Dump/Update property set scripts? Currently the scripts accept only CSV file with double quotations, excel doesn’t handle well this thing.