Data export from Dynamo to csv

Hi All,
It would be highly appreciable if anyone can help in exporting dynamo data in either excel or csv.
currently, I

am sending you a screen shot for CSV, actually, I am not able to export data into the proper format,
exported data should be column-wise but I am getting as row-wise. I have attached my dynamo file can anyone please help me to sort this iut.
Road Signs From Excel.dyn (191.1 KB)

Did you try to List.Transpose your data before sending it to the export node?

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your reply, yes I have tried adding List.transpose node also but still not getting proper output it seems I have issue with some of the other node which I am joining to list.create node.
can you see attached snap I think here is the some problem with.


Hello…could it help drop first list…

Hi Sovitek,
Thanks for your help, highly appreciated, it worked well.

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Export to CSV (or XLSX) requires a 2D list, the output of the ReplaceByCondition is not.
It’s always better to show the entire graph

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