Exporting list data from Dynamo To excel

I have used dynamo before but i am using for 1st time to export data ton excel and it gives me problem.

First of all, when i run it opens alot of new excel files instead of one new excel file, as shown in Picture.

Secondly, the data it exports to Excel is not all data i.e incomplete and not in one column. I have attached screenshots of how data looks in lists in dynamo and then how it is exported to Excel.


In the end, I am showing how i want my excel sheet to be filled with data from dynamo.

It would help to see your whole graph, but it seems like you are feeding the excel node a list of path /file names. Second, use the Transpose node to go between rows and columns.

what I can see is that it overwrites the main list again and again. As i shown in pics in post, I have main list for House number, then sublist and then elements in sublists. What i can see is , when i run the code it exports the main list one by one and overwrites the previous one… At the end i just have the last main list. As an example see these pics attached, where at the end the last row can be seen in excelb1

@shershahbacha9 please share the graph if you can …

Here it is.

I have these three lists that o have to export to Excel. In this screenshot, i have exported the ist list as it i s seen connected and in Excel its okay.

but i need to export the other two lists from Dynamo too. Considering this one node of Excel.Export and trying to export all three lists, i tried but its not working for me and if i use three nodes of excel.Export for three lists, still its problematic.

Moreover, the list structure is the same as shown in this below picture.

Try segregate the list using get index note and feed to the excel data input…

I habe the exact same problem with overwriting lists in Excel. Did you find a solution by now?