Export .NWC without opening Revit Model


I was wondering if it’s possible to export a navisworks .NWC file from a closed Revit Model. The idea would be to set the path, access a pre set 3D view and export it. I know that there was an app for revit that was exporting a .nwc after each Save but works for older versions. I have a bunch of models and sub models and would like to export these files in one go, it is time consuming to open each and export.

Thank you.

Kind regards.

Hi John

You dont need Dynamo for this- the Navisworks command line batch utility will do it


Hi Andrew

Thank you! Didn’t know about this. I will give it a go.

Kind regards.

Sorry the above DOS command function is giving some error…

Can you you please provide a syntax from Revit model to Navisworks .nwc (batch file creation)


What is the error ?