Export multiple revit files to nwc on background without opening revit

I’m looking for a script that can open multiple revit files on the background and export them automatically to any nwc so i can build a nwf file from it. It would be nice if it works with files that are on the BIM360 environment

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Hi @Olaf_Kappert,

Use the Export NWC in Document of Genius Loci package with the Applications.OpenDocumentFile of Rhythm package.
Not sure if it will work with the BIM360 environment.

I have both of them nodes, but I am a novice at what I need to do with them. is there any way you can share your graph of a screenshot of your graph so I can try to replicate it? thanks

Hi @matt.sawyers,

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Here is an example :

Export NWC with several documents.dyn (29.4 KB)


Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner , great workflow thanks for your powerful graph, what about if the name of the 3D views in several Revit models is the same? For example the name is always “Navis” for the 3D views to export into NWC format file (actual I use the batch utility), how can I modify this graph? Maybe I have to use some rename node before generating the NWC’s file into folder? Thanks in advance. Cheers

Hi Stefano,

In my opinion, the best is to add to the name of the “Navis” view a suffix or prefix with the name of the model.
You can obtain the document Name with the Documents Properties node.

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner thanks for you reply I did something similar alredy with the “FileSystem.FileName” node and now with “Documents Properties”,in my session it doesn’t work as expected, maybe it’s a lacing problem, I’m looking for download a newest version of Genius Loci. Thanks for your efforts.

It is working fine for me.
Verify that the Navisworks Exporters for Revit is installed.

Export NWC with several documents.dyn (35.1 KB)

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner my bad :man_facepalming: in my script the input “ExportScope” and “ChooseCoordinates” are inversed! Now it’s work like a charm, I have only last question always there is an avertissement like like image I don’t know why, after validate, the script run correcty the NWC’s file. Thank you very much. Cheers

This irritating message also appears with the native Navisworks export function in Revit and is therefore not specific to Dynamo.


Thank you @Alban_de_Chasteigner , excuse the last question, about your great node “Export NWC in Document” , it’s woks also with Revit project file where I have only revit links (without any element drawed inside)?

I have any options to set up? :thinking:


I am having trouble with getting my script to run. I don’t have the option to chose the Revit file from my downloads in the first “Directory Path”

Everything seems to be working great except for getting the 3d views.

Right now, if I feed four rvt files to the script, I’m getting 3d views from the currently open model four times instead of 3d views from the four that are opened in the background.

What am I doing wrong?

I used this today but I had to make some minor adjustments; worked like a charm.

will this work with BIM360?

Background open from BIM360 server generally needs Forge I believe.

Or you could try look into birdtool as support B360…

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Sorry guys I have no idea with Forge and Birdtool.
are these dynamo packages or add-ons?



Forge / APS:


ohhh yeah @GavinCrump thats true there are a real navisexporter appp from birdtool, never try it…but i think about multiplayer and set it up with nodes :wink: