Export multiple revit files to nwc on background without opening revit

I’m looking for a script that can open multiple revit files on the background and export them automatically to any nwc so i can build a nwf file from it. It would be nice if it works with files that are on the BIM360 environment

Hi @Olaf_Kappert,

Use the Export NWC in Document of Genius Loci package with the Applications.OpenDocumentFile of Rhythm package.
Not sure if it will work with the BIM360 environment.

I have both of them nodes, but I am a novice at what I need to do with them. is there any way you can share your graph of a screenshot of your graph so I can try to replicate it? thanks

Hi @matt.sawyers,

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Here is an example :

Export NWC with several documents.dyn (29.4 KB)