How to export To NWC files using Dynamo

How to Export NWC from 3D View for all list of Opened Files in Revit Using Dynamo
Exporting One by One is bit Problem, Howover we can export all opened files to IFC in a single click but whereas is the bit Problem!, Kindly give the solution to resolve!

Thank you…

Hi @amarkonathala maybe try the great Genius Loci package, there is a node for that.

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Hi @paris installed but How to get the list of views in Opened Revit Files


The search function is an useful tool :

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner
Thanks for the Post
Getting error with the custom node from Genius loci package!
I am using revit 2020 Dynamo version
How to get solve it

The Document Properties node was probably updated since february.
Replace this node with the updated version using the search function in the Dynamo library.

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Updating your Revit 2020 to the latest may also help - will give you the updates all the way to 2.3 if I am not mistaken.

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