Export views from rvt to nwc

Hi there everybody, i have the following problem.
I wrote a little Dynamo script for shortcutting a specific workflow.
It helps me to export .nwc files from .rvt files stored in company drive, whitch i can’t reach with Batch Utility from Navisworks.

The Problem there I couldn’t solve ist the following.
I wrote two scripts. One for creating a default 3D view and another one to export this specific view.
As i wanted to connect both scripts to have at least one, i found out that both scripts, combined to a single one, only work for “some” .rvt files.

In the case it doesn’t work, i just plugged the output (“Document”) from the background open node to the input of the export to NWC node and than it worked.

I wish i could upload the .dyn files but system messenges my “I’m new, i’am not allowed to”

Nevertheless I hope someone has an idea where to search for the problem

i hope someone can help me with this script.



A high enough trust level to post attachments should come soon. For now try posting the files to another server such as Dropbox, Onedrive, Box, Google Drive, WeTransfer, or the like.