Export from Dynamo to Revit

Hey there,
how can I export from Dynamo to Revit? In the past I have used the springs FamilyInstance.ByGeometry. Doesn´t it work with Revit 2022?
If I use FamilyType.ByGeometry the geometrie will only be exported in feet.
Thanks for help and sorry for my englisch.
Greets Christin

Try to copy Python code of node and place it in a Python-node to see what the error can be. I don’t know if API has been changed. I don’t have 2022, so I can’t test.

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Yes doesnt work in 2022 yet regarding the unit thing there comes with 2022 API…

I’ve just begun adding ‘unit factor’ inputs to my custom nodes that relied on the unit type, setting it to 304.8 by default (feet to mm). This means it works fine for anyone using mm, but needs to be changed to 1 to retain feet functionality. You can also build in checks on the Revit/Dynamo version and build in two pathways to manage it, but I opted for a dumber/easier solution in the end.

Probably wont make people using Imperial units happy, but who needs oxgangs these days anyway?

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Yes Gavin…great way to handle it :wink:

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