Export Dynamo Curves to CAD

I was wondering if there are any packages or methods out there for exporting curves straight from Dynamo to a .dwg file? This could have been done with flux back before they disappeared, but now I’m not sure how to go about it. Any ideas? The only export nodes I have found in dynamo are either for CSV or SAT

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There is the option of opening in Dynamo for Civil 3d, using a Remember node as needed (in the Refinery beta) to push content between Dynamo for Revit to Dynamo for Civil and vice versa.

You could also look into the LinkDWG package’s ActiveX.ExportGeometry node (this can be a bit unstable in some cases, so be sure to save often).

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I’m probably not using this right XD :crazy_face:

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hi, how I can choose to browse or location file cad? @estanima @JacobSmall

In both LinkDWG and Dynamo for Civil 3D it’s easy: open the dwg you want to export to in AutoCAD or Civil 3D.