Open dwg file in Autocad/Civil3D by path


I was wondering if it is possible to open DWG files in autocad, and perform some dynamo actions, with dynamo or python? then if possible save and close?

Hope anyone can help me out on this :slight_smile:

Yes, It is possible. You can find more information and examples here:
Run DYnamo Script on entire folder of dwg’s - Civil3D - Dynamo (

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There’s a package called “linkdwg” that can do some impressive stuff directly in autocad from dynamo. Not sure if your function is in there too but you can always take a look.

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@Leonid.Vasilev Thanks!
I hoped for an easier solution, but i might have do dig into this python script.

I will install this package and hopefully i can find some usefull stuf :slight_smile:

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