Extract DWG geometry without linking or importing DWG

Is it possible? I’ve seen some nodes from Dynamo Studio called FileLoader or something, that seems to do just that, but I need it in normal Dynamo not Studio. A work around with exporting from CAD to excel or whatever is not an option because I’d have to do this for hundreds of files. Thanks in advance for an answer!

LinkDWG package should work.

Which nodes and in which combination? Because I’ve tried already but wasn’t successful…

What have you tried? Watch your data types and they should work.

You can also get some info from googling “LinkDWG Dynamo”, “ActiveX Dynamo” and other related terms. There is a lot of documentation in Chinese which I have found this way, as well as a good amount of videos. If you can read it or are willing to work with a translation app.

One such example: https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/46483124

The nodes in the example are exactly what I’ve used but they require Autocad to be open doesn’t it?

It’s possible to tell Dynamo to open AutoCAD, but yes AutoCAD will need to be open at some point, or you will need to import your data into the Revit file.

The DWG loader which you note in your earlier post is only available in Dynamo Studio (benefit of the paid version). Unfortunately it has no ties to Revit and is limited to Dynamo 1.3.4 to 1.0.0 versions of Dynamo.

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So it’s not possible without Autocad, linking or importing in any direct way. Except old version that’s paid.
Thanks for the answer!