Export DWG just Sheets -no views-

Hi there,

I found in the forum a really interesting post about how to export views to DWG.

In this post also started talking about how to export sheet without views. However, the post was closed and I would like to open a new one talking about exporting sheet without views.

Conrad made a beautiful python node:
Sheets to DWG2.dyn (8.6 KB)

To solve the problem of exporting views as well as sheet, Conrad adviced:

“Look at the export settings dialog. that option is there and you can save that to a template to use with the workflow.”

Explaining by pictures what I did.

I have one sheet with two views as picture below.

I unticked in export setting:

But I get the same output: Sheet with Views.

Does anyone how to sort the problem out? What I should add in the python node?

Thank you very much.

Thank you guys, just I found the solution one minutes later I posted it.

It is reallys simple add: the option merge to dwgoptionexporte…

Thank you very much.


Hi @Ambrosio_Gomez_Moral

Could you please drop final DYN script here so that others with similar issues can find it useful. Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry Kulkul,

Of course I can, no problem about that.

It can be improved anyway, and I guess @Konrad_K_Sobon will put it on archilab nodes soon anyway.Sheets to DWG2.dyn (8.7 KB)

If @Konrad_K_Sobon reads this post I would like to let him know the lines 29-35 are beautiful, also I would like to ask him where he got this level, did you make any course in the IT university or similar?

In terms of the script I did not check the coordinates to be honest, but it seems the script work.

Thank you very much guys.


Thanks for the compliment but its undeserved. I found that code on Stack Overflow, and no I did not go to school for Computere Science. I studied Architecture. Cheers!

Hi @Konrad_K_Sobon

Bit late to the party but would you be able to point me in the right direction for amending the Python script in the ‘Sheets to DWG2.dyn’ code to accept multiple directories?

Essentially I’m looking to export each sheet with linked views as xrefs to individual folders. Ideally I would get to a stage where I can nest the views on each sheet in a ‘Xref’ sub folder… but that may be pushing it as I can’t seem to be able to get very far (keep going around in circles) with this first level and my limited knowledge.

If I could simultaneously export enough data to use a Lisp file to re align the (plan view) xrefs to world (shared) coordinates - I’d be laughing.

Any help would be much appreciated.