All sheets to DWG with ExportDWGSettings error

Hi guys,

I want to export all my sheets from Revit to DWG…
I am familiar with Konrad’s script, but i want to the add ExportDWGsettings option…
This export option works fine when exporting a single view to DWG.

However, when i want to export multiple sheets to DWG it only exports one Sheet (randomly) to DWG.
The script recognizes every single sheet and name/number. I don’t know what i am doing wrong.
Hopefully someone can help me with this problem…

please find attached the screenshots and the script i tried to make so far.

test.dyn (26.9 KB)

Try the Genius Loci version

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Got that one too, it didn’t work :slight_smile:
The python script from the Genius Loci is the same as this one…

The only thing i added is the option of ExportDWGSettings


It is working fine with the custom node.

the only difference i can see in this one, compared to mine is that you are inserting the Sheets as a single sheet…
Where can i can get the “Sheets” node? i can’t find that node in my Dynamo :slight_smile:

I will try to recreate this script and see if this fixes my problem…


I tried to recreate the script as you where showing me… except for inserting every single sheet.
I am using the Genius Loci Node now, but i still get the same error

I see now.
This is the List.Create node the error because you have a list of list as input in Views.
Delete this node and it will work.

@Alban_de_Chasteigner, thanks for the reply again…

i noticed this also, but it still doesn’t work, as you can see below…


Please show the previews under all the nodes.
I can’t read the error in the export DWG node.


please find the screenshot below:

Well, there is a problem with some of your 28 sheets.
If you send me your Revit file as a private message, I will able to investigate further.

So Martijn, the issue is that you have 2 sheets and 26 placeholders sheets.
Use Sheets.IsPlaceholder node to filter the 2 sheets with views.
Or use the dropdown node Sheets of the Rhythm package.

test.dyn (35.9 KB)


that did the trick! many thanks for the effort you put into this solution!

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner,

Does your latest “Genius Loci” package also work with older versions of Dynamo (1.3.2) ?

Kind regards,

Hi Mark,

The package is developed under 1.3.3 and there should not be too much difference between 1.3.3 and 1.3.2.
So it probably works with 1.3.2 but I did not check. You can report bugs if you find any.