Export to single DWG

I’ve been following Aussie BIM Guru’s tutorial to export sheets to DWG
and it’s worked surprisingly well!
But I’d like to alter it to put them all in a single file instead of separate ones.
And then they’ll probably be overlapping on top of each other.
So I’m thinking it might be best to reposition them in Dynamo first…
any advice for my next steps?

Hi @TurtleWolfe ,

How is your data structured now?
Maybe the Geometry.Translate node with a list input would already work wonders.

With a possible Code Block range such as:

right now I don’t have any geometry…
I’m just recreating what he has in the demo file.

ABG_200921_ExportDWGDynamo.dyn (61.1 KB)

I’ve gotten as far as knowing each sheet is 11x17 but all the sheets are still going to be separate files, so I’m unclear on how to move the sheets or combine them into a single file.

So far I’ve found a few examples of placing multiple views on a sheet,
but not multiple sheets in a DWG