Export Sheets to DWG - Merged views (a.k.a. xref - bind)


Hi All…

No question on this just sharing…

And since this topic was closed Export View Set To DWG

I am posting a version of the graph that merged views as the original graph on the post above was not merging the views for me

Many thanks to @Konrad_K_Sobon for sharing the graph, I simply add the line as per below image

as per Revit API…

and here is the graph…Sheets to DWG- xrefbind.dyn (9.4 KB)

hope this helps for those seeking the answer.


Thanks so much 4bimfercesp!Can you for me solution Export all Revit views to Single DWG File



You are welcome.

a. Can you tell me do you want the Single DWG created directly in Dynamo?

b. Or for a much simplified solution,

  1. Export all your revit sheets to DWG on a folder location
  2. Run a script or lisp routine in AutoCAD to XREF all exported DWG from Revit in a single file

Option A can be very hard to code
Option B is straight forward you just need a script to pull everything into one drawing.

If you do not know how to create a Script or Lisp routine in AutoCAD then you need to start learning as this is the only way to sort your issue.


Many thanks! i will try ít follow Option B. I know autocad xref because before use revit i used revit so long time!
And I want one more question about Is it possible to export revit to dwg files using dynamo rather than directly from revit?Please picture


Not sure if i missing something in your question? Did you read above? Can you specify what you mean.? Did you try the graph that i attached?


Thanks just updated my graph with this option :slight_smile:


Hi, I need to modify the code to be able to save individual dwg in separate folders. Trying something with Unwrap but without effect …


Still a problem with setting True color. Alternatively, it would be a good idea to lay down a style that you have already written on manual export.


Can u show parkages for node Get All Views