Export DWG in Document has traceback error but works like expected

Hey all,

I have a weird problem.
I am using the Export DWG in Document node from the GeniusLoci package @Alban_de_Chasteigner to print multiple sheets to DWG.

It makes the DWGs with the correct name and saves them in the correct folder but there is a traceback error.(No yellow color though)

For some reason i am unable to copy the text message but here it is:


I dont understand the error as the DWGs are named and saved as they are supposed to…

Hi @MVE1112,

You’re maybe using nested lists or one of your views is a Null value.
No need for the content of the python script. A full image of your graph with the previews under the nodes would help a lot more :wink:
It is not possible to help you better at the moment.

Hi Alban,

Thank you for your quick reply!
You certainly pointed me in the right direction :slight_smile:

The problem was that one sheet was being sent twice (because of a sheet size filter sending it via two different A3 size filters)
I changed the filters to only pass the correct size and now the error in the DWG node is solved.
Thanks for your help!