Batch Export Sheet into DWG from Document (Directory Folder)

Hello there,

After experimenting with Batch Print PDF, I am now trying to Batch export sheet views in DWG from documents located in selected directory folders.

Issue: " Export DWG from document " from GenuisLuci give me a Traceback>Type error

I have been trying several iteration of the input:

01.Having the same kind of input data tree as the Batch Print PDF
02.Matching the data tree for all entry,

From what I understood here, the input type is wrong (str vs list) in at least one input, but cannot figured out where.

I would love to understand the problem in relation with the python code in order to understand all the elements of my question :thinking:

Thank you
BATCH_EXPORT_DWG_0919.dyn (84.6 KB)


All right, I have just figured out where was my issue, written right where I was looking for…

Needed to get the element (ExportDWGSettings) name as follow:

I still would love to get more explanation of the code especially why we do not have to provide a Document input in the same way as the Views input is structured.

BATCH_EXPORT_DWG_0920.dyn (81.9 KB)
note: the script contain some sampler and filter in order to select particular files for batch export

Thank you

I’m glad you figured out how works the “Export DWG from document” node.
The initial script was written by @Konrad_Sobon so thanks to him.

Here are all the inputs with several documents :

Thank you @Alban_de_Chasteigner, May I ask a last question before I mark this post as solved ?

Topic : Lacing
Why the Document’s data tree is different than the other input while the lacing in the Export DWG from directory is on the longest ?

I would find more intuitive that either one Document input for all views or one Document input by Views as follow:

Hi Guillaume,

I don’t iterate on several documents in the python script of the custom node.
So the node works with a singleton input or a flatten list of documents with the lacing set on longest.

I will add a note to the input document.

Thank you for the explanation.
Those scripts rocks !

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