Explode in revit - dynamo

I created the steps
Amount in Revit
If I explode … everything disappears

But, why are you exploding?

In Revit

I can not make a section
You only see in 3D
In plan, elevation is not seen
Basically how I work on the steps?
if I get lines explode and then work

  1. Import the geometry into a Mass family

  2. Load the mass family into a Revit project.

  3. Create building elements (walls, floors, roofs) by selecting surfaces of the mass

I do not understand
In revit:
It creates an empty metric mass family
In dynamo we create the terraces
with ImportInstance.ByGeometries
I go into Revit
I have an empty mass

you could try direct shape.

ImportInstance.ByGeometry should create geometry that is visible in plan.

I suspect you are unable to see anything because the object created is very small.

Change your project units to meters (assuming they are presently mm)

question of units of measurement
now works