Explode Import Instance

Has anyone tried to explode import instance in Dynamo, so it becomes a standard generic model element?

Just had a look i the Revit API as its possible in Revit but it mean i have to reassign associate parameters every time.

There have been a lot of changes to the API in the years past, you have to mention your Revit version first, your then the file that you want to explode second. (file type and version number)
I’ve seen no nodes that can do an explode, but i don’t know all the nodes.
And its probably because almost everyone hates to explode imports, its messy.

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Aghh yeah Sorry,
Running Revit 2020 and Dynamo 2.1. and working in a family adaptive family environment.

Its was just some simple extruded cylinders to start nothing to complex so when i explode them manually they just become generic forms which is nice.

As the ImportInstance.Geometries node has an output with all the data i though if i can find a way to explode to these in revit it should be able to automatically reselect them so i can set there associate parameters etc afterwards.

Will try and upload an example file in a bit just working though another part of the project currently

and don’t forget to mention what file it is you are trying to explode.
if you want help, we do all we can

Back on this again as i work though documenting the workflow after the project has finished.
Attached is a Demo Revit and Dynamo file with a few notes. Parameter.Associate is from the orchid package, for some reason this works on the Import Instance but the OTTB node Element.SetParameterByName fails to change the parameters of the import instance (import symbol) in revit.

I have exploded one of the import symbols in Revit so you can see what I need in Revit done with the code.

Explode Import Instance.dyn (53.7 KB) Explode Import Instance.rfa (300 KB)

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Any thought on this, i can’t seem to find anything in the API regarding either explode on its own or exploding an imported instance / import symbol.

Not knowing if there is truly a “Explode” method in Revit API. But I guess you can retrieve geometry objects from solid, down to edges, faces etc. is it the same as explosion?


Interesting idea but i need them exploded. Saying that I have found I can use Springs.FormBy Geometry Node instead to get the solids into Revit.

The previous bug with Element.SetParameterByName is still there but have put a bug report here for that.

Though now the Freeform elements are nested lists of single objects rather than groups it breaks the Orchid node Parameter.Associate @erfajo As this fails to work with nested lists it seems even if you change the level management. it just repeats it for the number of trees and not per list.

If you also make the document parameter with the same list structure then it says: Warning: Parameter.Associate operation failed.
Unable to cast object of type ‘System.Collections.ArrayList’ to type ‘System.String’.