Existing Excel or Access Database to Revit?

Hello, I am new to Dynamo, and was looking to link an existing database (either Access or Excel) to an existing Revit file. Is this possible? I have only seen examples where Excel is exported out of Revit, updated, then imported back into Revit. Thank you

Hello! Welcome to the forum! What information from the excel file are you attempting to transfer into Revit? There are many examples of taking information that is stored in an excel file and using it within Revit. Say for example you are trying to change parameters of a certain element with information that has been stored within excel. You could setup your graph to look something like this:

Does that help?

Hi Chris, thanks for the response. We have an existing Revit file from 2012 (now upgraded to 2015), with aprx. 2,000 rooms, and an existing Access data base. The Revit is driver for geometry (area) and Access is driver for most other data (name, department, etc., about 10 parameters) Back in 2012, we were exporting data from Access to Revit, to update the Revit file. This was a cumbersome process run by our IT dept. We were hoping that Dynamo would be a fairly simple way to connect the two files, either directly or through Excel. Do you know if anyone is linking Access to Revit?

MSAccess is a bit of a problem, due to issues with 64 bit drivers.

For the Access part, you would be better off converting the database to SQL (using the free ‘SQLExpress’ version of SQL server)

You can of course also use ‘DBLink’ Autodesk App Store