Excel values change

Hello guys,

Is there a way to make my DYNAMO re-read the values set on EXCEL in case I change them. I set up a simple example in case i didn´t explain myself well.

So, in this example dynamo reads the A1 to A4 well with the set values 1,2,3 and 4, but if I change it, in EXCEL, to (for example), 4,3,2,and 1, my DYNAMO doesn’t update the values.

I am aware I can turn off and on DYNAMO and it will re-read the values to the updated listed values, but is there a way to do it without all the hassle?

Thank you, in advance

I’m using the regular Excel.ReadFromFile and giving the File.FromPath as an input and it’s working fine.

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I guess what was missing was, in fact, the File.From.Path node.
Your suggestion solved my problem, thank you so much.


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You´re welcome…
It seems that the node that you´re using should be able to just work by giving a file path as an input.
So to be honest I don´t know why a the File.FromPath node has solved it for you. :upside_down_face:
Nonetheless I’m glad that it works. :wink:

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Perhaps because paths are static but files change. :wink: