Read Excel Data

I am doing the advanced video tutorial unit 4 where I am supposed to extract data from an excel file. In the tutorial they use the dynamo node called “Excel.Read”.

I cannot find this node in Dynamo 2.0.1 (the one in the picture is imported from the tutorial file).

Instead I find ExcelFile.Read from a plug in, Data.ImportExcel and Read Excel from the Bumblebee plugin.

None of these give the same output as the Excel.Read, though. Instead of a list I get a function.

Which nodes can I use to get the same output (a list) as for Excel.Read? Or is this node part of a plug in that I do not have?

So as you probably guessed, the tutorial was made using a much older version of Dynamo. In Dynamo 2.0, the current OOTB Excel node would be the Data.ImportExcel that you found. You can see how to use it here: Dynamo Dictionary - Data.ImportExcel

Basically, take the string you have (which would be a filePath), use the node file.frompath, and that is your file input.

sheetName input is the same as before, what sheet are you importing.

The readAsStrings input is a boolean which asks if you want to import all of the excel information as strings (this would mean numbers would become strings instead).

showExcel is another boolean that asks if you want to open the excel file (using whatever excel application you have installed) when Dynamo runs. If the excel file is already open and showExcel is set to false, it will close the file (for me, not sure if bug).

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Everything from @kennyb6 is very correct, I would simply add:

That’s not an output, it means that some inputs are missing. Sometimes you don’t need all the inputs because you have default values. You can easily check if the node has some default input or not: simply move the cursor on top of the input and read the pop-up message (if it has, it says: Default Value: …)

If you use properly the other nodes in your screenshot, you get the list of data as well :wink:

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Perfect, thank you! It works, I realized some other mistakes as well :slight_smile:

Is there a way to run it without the microsoft office excel instaled? Because I use the libre office, and the node showing an error warning me that I don’t have the Microsoft Office Excel instaled, this is very anoying…