Excel to Revit Yes/No value

I exported my schedule to be able to modify from excel and read back to Revit.
But I am not sure which node I have to use there to read yes/no value.
Any suggestions? Thank you

Replace yes with 1 and no with 0 (zero) or yes with true and no with false

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Its worked for me…

Yes or No.dyn (9.7 KB)

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The Values “Yes” or “No” cannot be converted to number, as I see it.

See this thread for some idea to create dictionaries.

val == “Yes” ? 1 : 0;

This bit of design script should swap the yes for a 1 and the no for a 0.


Yes, I need a node that can replace String.ToNumber; for example, sth like material.byname for material parameter. I just cant figure out which.

not working…

Its not a string its a number… remove the double quotation marks( " "). I think for you best approach follow as @JacobSmall mentioned.

Try replacing the String.ToNumber to to the DesingScript code Jacob Proposed:

As Steven mentioned in the beginning, you can set a Yes/No parameter with either integer (0 1) or boolean (true false).

So the goal is to replace the strings("Yes" "No") with either integers or boolean and use that value to set your parameters.

I think this extended way might make it easier to understand why and how to solve something similar in the future

JacobSmalls val == “Yes” ? 1 : 0; in a codeblock does the same as the green groups, but in a single step. __Vijay pointed out correctly that "1"(string) is not the same as 1(integer). You can find a shorthand on how to write different data types in codeblocks here.


This was it! Yes, I need better understanding of using codeblocks.
Thank you!

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