Parameter transfer from Excel to Revit


I’m tryint to transfer data from Excel to Revit. Common parameter “Line No” in Excel and Revit. I want to transfer other data to Revit according to “Line No” parameter in Excel. There is an error like the photo below. Can you help me?

Thank you in advance!

You are not feeding elements to the node.
check this,

You are feeding Strings (your Line Numbers) into an input where Dynamo want Revit elements.

Your logic is also dangerous because the sorting will not sort the elements,so you are not sure to push the right Breaker into the right element.

Read up on Dictionaries in Dynamo.
Make a Line No-Breaker Dictionary based on your excel columns, collect the Revit elements in Dynamo, read the Line No parameter, look in the Dictionary for the Breaker, push that into the element. No need for all kinds of complicated sorting.

I have reviewed the website you submitted, but my situation is different.
First, match the “Line No” parameter in Revit model and Excel file and
then filling the other parameters with reference to “Line No” numbers.

Thank you for comments.
I am trying to transfer columns in Excel to Revite, but if I manage to trasnfer a column, I will transfer all parts in order.

I haven’t done yet. Can you help me?

I think you can use DictionaryByKeyValues from clockworks if you have the same code in the elements and in the excel. This node can pair both information for you. The you can use the set parameter value by name.

I use Dynamo 1.3.4 version. I added “Clockwork for Dynamo 1.x” package but I can’t find “DictionaryByKeyValues” node.

hi @Gokhan

can you provide a sample revit file, sample excel file and your dynamo script? it would be helpful to the people around here who are willing to help you.


I atteched Revit,Excel and Dynamo script file.I want to transfer other data to Revit according to “Line No” parameter in Excel.
Revit File Format : 2019, Dynamo Script 1.3.4

Riser Diagram.dyn (32.6 KB) Riser Diagram.xlsx (20.1 KB) Sample Project.rvt (3.4 MB)

hi @Gokhan,

i am very sorry, we only have dynamo 2.6 in the office, i cannot help you with this. I am so sorry again.


for excel parameter value transfer, I would not bother with so much with dynamo and go the plugin/addin way with diroots sheetlink, or bimone import export excel, free tools, no headache…
Why reinventing the wheel? I know dynamo is fun. Still.