Excel to Revit_Troubleshooting

In preperation for my Workflow Part 2, I’ve looked at different posts and tried different things without success…what am I missing?Revit2Excel2Revit_WIP.dyn (54.6 KB)

This is what I’ve tried after doing it for every parameter… which didn’t work:

I can see the the 4 different Types of Air Terminals are seen(Dark Blue) and the URL I inputed in the Excel file is also being read (pink group),

Hi @Jonathan_Roy

There is an easy solution for this no need to type manually all the parameters. Is it possible for you to drop dummy rvt file here?

I tried uploading it and I purged everything out to get 6.4mb file and it seems to exceed the allowed upload limit.

@Jonathan_Roy You could upload the file to Google drive or dropbox and share the link here.

Box Link to Model

@Jonathan_Roy You where feeding all the excel values. You should take out from excel only the one which you need (URL).

I need all of them to be able to update when I run the script. The URL was to simplify the troubleshooting, so we get one right and reproduce it to the other parametersin the bigger graph. People are going to fillout and change data in the excel file during the whole project, so I need to be able to sync every parameter that will be in the schedules. This is my first script to get a grip on how to procede, then I will use this with all my other project schedules.

Anyone of these Type parameters can change and needs to be synced